Grooming the Dog

Grooming Services

 Our Professional Groomers are experienced in Grooming and Bathing.  


Services and Rates

Shampoo & Blowout*: $25 + 

Full Groom*: $45 +

De-shedding*: $60 +

Manicure & Pedicure: $10

Teeth Brushing: $5

Gland Expression: $10

Blueberry Facial: $10

*Please note, pricing is based on breed, size, condition of coat, and temperament of the dog. The prices above reflect our starting base price. 

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 Let your Dog be the social creature they are meant to be. 


Full Day Daycare: $32

Half Day Daycare: $22

Additional Dog Full Day: $22

Additional Dog Half Day: $20

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Bundle & Package Pricing

Zoom N’ Groom: $15 + Price of Groom or Bath

Includes a discounted half day of daycare followed by your choice of groom or bath

5 Full Daycare: $150

5 Half Daycare: $100 

10 Full Daycare: $280

10 Half Daycare: $190

20 Full Daycare: $540

20 Half Daycare: $350

Dogs with Dog Walker

Why Dog Daycare is a Fantastic option for many Dog Parents!

Dogs are very social creatures that love to interact with other people and dogs. However, it’s not always possible for fur parents to be with their doggies all hours of the day, no matter how much he/she would love to. While some dogs do well on their own, many dogs can become depressed or develop isolation anger, creating a stressful environment for the fur parent and fur baby. 

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Benefits of Dog Daycare

  • Relieves Boredom/Separation Anxiety

  • Provides a Routine

  • Offers Daily Exercise

  • Owner peace of mind

  • Socialization

  • Attention

  • Flexible

  • …a tired dog is a happy dog!

Interested in a Service!

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